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The Mythical Man-Month Is Not A Myth

Brooks’ law is a principle in software development which says that “adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”.  It was coined by Fred Brooks in his well renowed 1975 book The Mythical Man-Month. There was a recent … Continue reading

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Don’t rely on overtime to salvage a plan

I came across a nice analogy today in Mike Cohn’s Succeeding with Agile book which describes what sustainable pace means: Watch any marathon, and each runner will keep it up for 26.2 miles.  Look more closely, however,  and you’ll notice … Continue reading

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IT is never 100 percent at fault for any massive project

If you read my previous blog post on Executive Support For Agile Adoption, I described how management support is important. This topic is tocuhed on in Thomas Wailgum’s recent article in the CIO.com [5 Aug 2009], After a Massive Tech … Continue reading

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